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Dyno Sheets

JET Does all of it's testing and tuning on chassis dynamometers. Each vehicle is tested extensively in stock trim to get basline horsepower readings prior to doing any tuning. Once we have established the stock horsepower numbers we test, tune and test again until the maximum horsepower gains are achieved in all of the RPM ranges. In addition to the dynamometer testing each vehicle is tested under real world driving conditions to insure the vehicle has good drivability.


Note that the number reflected in these dynamometer charts are at the drive wheels and not at the crankshaft as rated by the manufacturer, normal loss between crankshaft horsepower ratings and the horspower at the drive wheels is a loss of 5-20% or more. Use these sheets as an idea of the performance you might expect but keep in mind your vehicle results may be different.


In order to view our Dyno Sheets, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the reader by clicking on the Adobe icon at the bottom of page. Once you have downloaded and installed the reader, simply click on one of the Manufacture Logos to download the Dyno Sheet that matches your vehicle.

Some Products Not For Sale Or Use On Pollution Controlled Motor Vehicles In California
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